Monday, November 05, 2007

It's All the Toilet's Fault

No, not the one on the side of the highway...

Does anyone know if they make some kind of electronic buzzer that will automatically go off if you walk away from a public restroom with out the purse you walked in with?

Not that I've ever done that myself. No, certainly not me...

I'm just wanting to know because, well, what if it might happen to someone? On three different occasions. In one year's time.

Shhh... don't tell Jeremy that I might have almost lost my purse and wallet and other important items. Again.

Really, though. Completely not my fault this time.

I was taking Kyra to the potty. There was a shelf high above the toilet. No, really, it was high. My barley over 5 foot self had to tip toe it to reach over Kyra, the potty, and balance my purse on the shelf.

Anyway. So I was taking Kyra to the potty. Sat her on it. She did her business. I leaned down to clean her up and just as I made the motion the toilet started to flush.

Kyra has never been on an automatic flushing toilet and it scared the ba-jeebies out of her. She hoped down, pants still around her ankles and tried desperately to find an exit to the locked stall. So I quickly pulled her britches back up and exited the stall with her, all in the same motion.

While leaving my purse on the shelf.

In retrospect, it was all the automatic flushing toilet's fault. Had it not flushed before we were ready, Kyra wouldn't have been frightened, we wouldn't have dashed to a more secure location (out side the stall of doom) and I wouldn't have forgotten my purse.

The other two possible near loss of my purse and all it's important contents were, indeed, all my fault.

Now, back to my original question. Does anyone know if they make electronic alarms for your important items should you leave them behind or move too far away from said items?

I might need to invest in one if it exists.


  1. This potty training stuff has got you guys all sorts of mixed up! I don't think I am wanting to try this nonsense!!! We have finally mastered the big girl bed though!! That was a feat! Hope all is well!

  2. I don't know, but if they do make such devices, I most definitely need one too. Don't feel bad, you're not alone!

  3. Idea: why don't you invent one. Maybe you could make a purse/bracelet combination, with a device inside the purse that will make the bracelet vibrate or beep when you are, let's say, 5 feet or so away from the purse.

    Damn, that's a good idea....make sure you keep this blog up - when you make your millions, I can prove that I actually came up with the idea. Then I can sue you. Unless of course you delete this post. Then I'm screwed.

  4. Adding to Lindsay's idea, the signal could be triggered by a magnetic field. When the field gets too weak, the buzzer sounds.

  5. sorry can't help with the idea and i am still laughing. poor kyra!

  6. for the future, i've heard that putting a square of toilet paper in front of the electric-eye-sensor on the toilet will keep it from flushing and scaring your child ... therefore, you'll have time to remember your purse!

  7. Can't say a word as this is the exact reason I don't carry a purse often- I leave them anywhere. Unlike you I don't have a scared two-year old to add to the problem of my forgetfullness.

    Lisa(thinking I need to re-sign up so I don't have to be anonymous all the time)?