Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kid Nation

Have you guys seen this TV show? I love it. I've loved it since the first premiered.

The thing is... every time I see a new episode there's a new kid I want to give a good swat on the butt. Specifically the bratty and lazy ones.

Then there are the majority of bunch that I would love to take them home with me so I can give them a great big squeeze and let them know what a great job their doing. I wish I could write those parents a little note telling them what great children they raised.

I often wonder what the parents of some of these less then stellar children think of their offspring's performance. Are they a direct reflection on how their parents raised them or is it more they're just the bad seeds in the bunch.

I mean, I've came across some very bad seeds in society who came from great families, but then again I've seen some rotten little snots who were spitting images of their blood relations (and I'm not speaking of looks alone).

What do you think? Are your habits and personality traits directly related to your parents and upbringing or do you think things like that are only a minimal influence?


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  1. As a teacher, I feel it is both ways. Bad seeds with good parents and bad parents with good seeds. I am a good seed with good parents. My parents did a great job of raising me, I am told that many times but as I often look around and see others, I realize that they did. I don't know how many times I have called my parents and thanked them for doing such a good job. And one day Kyra will do the same.

  2. You're taking me back to my psychology classes (once upon a time I was a psychology major)! Nature vs. Nuture, Tabula Rasa...I could write a paper on this.

    I lean towards the "nurture" theory - we are a product of our surroundings. But that does not necessary mean that parents are the only ones raising kids. They go to school, they see how other kids act, and how adults react to that...they watch TV, etc.

    Then you also have to consider behavioral disorders, like ADD, etc...I'll stop now before this gets too long.

  3. I think, in spite of everything, parents or parental figures are a large part of how kids turn out. I can trace most of my habits and traits back to how my parents raised me. I can trace a lot of Seth's traits back to his parents as well.
    On the other hand, Seth and I were pretty moldable kids. I know some kids who aren't, but I still think the decisions that their parents made will influence their lives later on. I was fully 25 before I began to realize how smart my parents are.