Thursday, November 15, 2007

Soccer Mom In Training

Back before Kyra graced us with her presence, I never imagined myself as a stay at home mother. I pictured myself permanently out in the workforce, earning a paycheck, making a name for myself in what ever tiny part of the world I chose to reside in.

Strait out of high school I was sure I was on my way to being an elementary school teacher. I thought little kids were cute, baby sat some wild little heathens and everyone usually ended the day alive and relatively happy. Any and all adults around told me I was a perfect teacher in the making.

Freshman year, I had one semester long class that landed me right in the center of a middle school math class as a tutor for a few of the struggling, hoodlum brats... my wanting, will and desire to teach had lost it's luster.

Sophomore year, my major was quickly switched to physical therapy. I figured I had spent enough time nursing sprained ankles, chin splints and an achy knee from cheering for 12 years I could at least sympathise with my patients.

The semester before I married Jeremy I took a film editing class and was hooked. I loved it. I was very, very bad at the short 5 minute movies I made, but I had a blast making them. After briefly considering another major change, I tossed the idea in favor of eloping with my Love and taking a few semesters off.

Since then I've completed two psychology classes (which. I. loved.) and two EMT Basic classes (in two different states) and I passed them all. With the EMT class I went as far as took the piratical (hands on) exam and flew through the stations with flying colors. When all I had left to do was take a written exam to secure my license I flaked. I didn't even attempt it because I wasn't sure I was totally committed to being an EMT for the rest of my life.

With all that being said, I like my current job. Stay at home mom to a 2 year old who's greatest idea of fun all day long is to mimic every. single. word I say or action I make. For all the days Jeremy comes home to a wife running, screaming "she's your child I need a break!" as I run past him through the front door, there are 10 more days that I wouldn't want to let anyone else experience these moments but me.

Had someone asked me 8 years ago if I saw my career path leading strait to Stay at Home Mother, early stages of Soccer Mom, and future PTA member I might very well have laughed in your face. Today, there's no other career I'd rather have and no where else I'd rather be.

How did you see yourself when you graduated high school. Is it where you are today?


  1. I always knew I was going to be in the medical field or teaching!! Never dreamed of being mommy at this age!!! But I wouldn't have it any other way!!

  2. I'm with you. I definitely didn't see myself where I am today. I thought I would be an elementary school teacher right now. I didn't plan on having kids until I was atleast 25, but I'm glad things worked out the way they did. I'm happier now more than ever.

  3. I'm exactly where they thought I would be:
    College degree....check
    Great job....check
    Own a house....check
    Cute dog....check

    Wait, wait...I'm missing my super-rich, hot boyfriend. He was suppose to be here by now...

  4. Let me clarify my first sentence in my previous comment:
    "I'm exactly where they thought I would be"

    "They" should be "I"

    I'm not sure where "they" thought I would be at this point.

  5. I thought I would be a single crusader in the world of education, changing the world by changing lives in droves, a brilliant mind digging out other brilliant minds. I was also going to write a book.

    Now I'm married with a baby on the way. I have my teaching certificate but no job. I have really written a thing since college. And I'm very, very happy.

  6. i knew i wanted to be a mommy, but i thought i'd finish college and have a career established before ever even getting married. ha ... halfway to my degree, i dropped out to get married and then had the most beautiful two girls and i wouldn't now trade any of it for the world (most days, lol).

    i'm sure the "they" in my life never saw it coming after i graduated high school with a 4.0 and was valedictorian (not that that's hard to accomplish in a class of only 45 students, lol).

  7. I am definitely not where I thought I would be....I was gonna get out of town and see the world. Instead I raised 4 great kids on a farm -miles from anywhere and wouldn't trade my life for any other. I am seeing the world through my kids now. Visiting one in Europe and another where ever the Navy sends them!! LOL

  8. yeah I am not sure I am where I thought it would be. I knew I would be done with college but I NEVER EVER thought I would be married! I know that I was going to be a doctor but i think deep down, i always knew i was going to be a teacher. Now ask me in Five yers the same question and I will probably say no, because I will have kids. (see my blog)