Saturday, November 10, 2007

Go Away Old Man Winter

I say that now because I'm not ready for it. January when we still have 70 degree temperatures and green grass I'm sure I'll be tooting a different horn. (that is, if January '08 is anything like January '07)

Our highs lately are in the 40s, maybe a 50 if we're so lucky. Our low tonight is 25. Twenty-freaking-five people!

Seriously, what's a southern girl to do?


  1. Bundle up! Sit on your couch all cozy with a warm blanket and a cup of hot chocolate. I am jealous. Of course our highs are in the 70's and will most likely remain that way for the vast majority of the season!


  2. it was 14* at mom and dad's night before last ... Sean says to put on more clothes when it gets cold ... lol!

  3. We have 40 degrees and rain and wind so hard that Max refused to stay outside and bark at the neighbors. I've never seen him come back in so quickly, and he almost never lets me towel him off. Do you at least have dry weather?

    As for what's a Southern girl to do, bundle up as mentioned above, and then watch a movie about someplace warm and let your imagination be warm at least.