Sunday, November 11, 2007

Excuses, Excuses

So, I've mentioned before about how I'm teaching a CCD class.

Well, for the most part its going wonderfully. Even though all I want to do is quit because I feel like I'm flailing in the water and there's nothing but a tiny, half inflated inner tube keeping me afloat. This feeling only comes about because I am incredibly insecure about my knowledge on the subject matter.

Me? Insecure? Never!

But that's not the point of this post. The point is that with this class I'm teaching, I have to take a class of my own to be a certified Catechists. (Catholic lingo for teacher)

We've had five long chapters to read, answer questions to and discuss at three separate meetings with our person in charge. I completed chapters 1-4 on time and turned them in. Chapter 5, I finished today, while Kyra was napping (mostly). Kyra woke up as I was answering my final question.

Typing with Kyra in my lap is not an easy feat. Apparently neither is saving my finished product. I hit "save as" and every thing disappeared off the screen.

Gone. Audios. See ya!

The problem is, now I can't find it, my final, spell checked, re-read, saved piece. I need to print it, take it to my meeting in one hour, and it. is. missing. Now where to be found on the damned contraption.

So, my question I pose to you is... think my person in charge will accept my excuse that my computer ate my homework? Is that a reasonable excuse these days?

I really should be working on finding it, but I'm tired. My brain hurts, and I'd rather write a post about it.

Now, hopefully she'll accept my excuse of my computer being a royal pain in my rear and confiscated my hard work.

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  1. Your teacher should accept that excuse. And everything you're going through is pretty common for first year teachers, Sunday School or otherwise.