Friday, November 09, 2007

Dressing the Part

It was another Pancake Friday tonight. Kyra donned her chef's apron and hat this time around and looked, what I thought, a true tiny tot chef should look like.

She helped her Daddy mix the batter.
She helped him pour the pancakes.
And she made some her own original creations once again.
Kyra's really getting into the "Guess What This Looks Like" game.
She insisted this was a puppy dog.
What do you guys see?


  1. I can totally see a puppy dog! He looks like he's barking, and has a terribly large nose with tiny pointy ears. HA! She looks so cute as a little chef!

  2. lol i see a bull head, ear on the top left- two horns on the right.


  3. I saw the bull head, too. But now that I've read Heather's comment, I can see the dog as well.