Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Moose, Its What's For Dinner

Jeremy and Kyra made a yummy breakfast for dinner yesterday. Together they cooked up some delicious raspberry pancakes.
Jeremy started seeing different animals in the pancakes. Kyra was doing the pouring and they were far from a perfect circle.
Example A:

Jeremy says this is a moose who was hit by a car and only the head remains.
What do you guys see?
I know, I hear ya. First I threaten to gouge out foreigner's eyes with rusty forks then Jeremy envisions bodiless moose. This is who we are while in a good mood. Can you imagine what we're like ticked off?


  1. LOL! I lvoe the pic of them cooking together. So cute!

  2. I see a frog without front legs. And it really is too cute to see Kyra cooking.

  3. I thought cow, so I was in the moose family, right?