Thursday, October 18, 2007

Latest Milestone

After eating her 4th helping of fruit salad during supper last night (that pesky tape worm is back, always demanding, More bites?) Kyra informed us that "Fruit Salad is yummy in my tummy!"

This is her first real sentence. As in not coached, mimicked or otherwise. It contains a noun, verb and some other stuff that I can't remember from my 3rd grade grammar lessons.

How freaking cool is that? My 2 year old formed a full sentence!


  1. congrats to Kyra (and her mommy for teaching her so well)!!

  2. YAY!!! KYRA!!!!! :) how cute!!

  3. That is ADORABLE. And probably not even Wiggles-induced.

  4. how cute!!! every time i eat something my nephew wants to know " Is it yummy?" and the reason you don't remember all that good grammar stuff is because you did not have ME as a teacher!!!