Friday, October 19, 2007

For the Love of Ducks

Jer and I took Kyra to our local tourist trap to mock the ducks. Yes, you heard me right, mock. Kyra likes to quack at them and say "Me'er duh!" in hopes they may come forward and let her touch them. It never works, but you've got to give the girl some credit for trying.

We happened to arrive at just the right time. Feeding time at the pond. They had just finished throwing and laying out piles of food for the dirty little boogers to chow down on. The entire time she always has this same silly grin on her face. Its comprised of pure, mischievous delight because there was a goose there, chomping down on the pile of pellets left right outside the fence, and he could care less who was there- he wasn't giving up his prime spot for anything.
So Kyra pet him. And pet him, and pet him, and pet him, and pet the little hungry goose some more.
See the silly grin still on her face? She's saying: Mommy, Look! With all my persistence the Duhs finally let me pet them!
Pet the duhs she did, until the last morsel of food was gone and the goose decided there was no more reason to humor this tiny human. Then it was back to swimming in the pond, dipping under the water and cleaning his feathers.

** On another note, the Gap outfit was one of Kyra's birthday presents from my mom and the cute little barrette was a present from Jennifer. I was a bad example for Kyra and sent neither one of them a thank you note for their gifts... so Thank You, both for your good taste and generosity. Your presents are well received and have been put to good use.


  1. looks like she had fun ... i've been thinking we need to find a local place with ducks, since Rachel so enjoyed them in nebraska over the summer. maybe you could clue me in as to where these are?

  2. LOL! I love the first one with the sign and her climbing on the fence! Too funny!

  3. I have to give her props for petting the goose. I have been bit by those dang things twice- figured I would've learned my lesson the first time, right? Hence my fear of featherd animals. HaHa


    Loving the track suit, btw!