Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Excuse Me- Foreigner

Yes, you. The one who insisted upon looking over my shoulder in the Wal-Mart check out line while I paid my bill.

That is rude.

I don't give one single hoot that you are probably not from America, and I gathered this from the gibberish you were speaking to the gentleman whom I assumed was your husband. At least he had the decency to stand behind his cart and not on top of my heels. But then again, for all I know your gibberish speak was you giving him my credit card numbers.

Thanks a lot, now I'm paranoid.

I'll give you a piece of advice. Here in America, we do. not. appreciate it when you enter our personal bubbles.

Should I encounter you again in this same situation, forgive me if I gouge your eyes out with a rusty fork.

Yes, I enjoy my personal space and credit card information that much.

Consider yourself both educated on the subject and warned.


  1. a rusty fork, huh? i think that's something i don't carry regularly in my purse ... do you? or are you now going to start? lol

  2. LOLOLOLOLOL!!! Sorry, I know I shouldn't laugh, but I had to!