Friday, October 26, 2007

We're Not in the Throws of Fall If There Aren't Sick Children Around

Dear Mother of Child Hacking Up a Lung,

Thanks to your inconsiderate self, my child is now hacking up her lungs too. The next time you have the thought to bring your toddler to the play area in the mall while he is actively hacking up a lung, drop the thought. This is not one of your brighter moments.

It didn't help one bit that while your child was hacking on the slide, you continued to holler at him to cover his mouth. Ma'am, this doesn't work as well as you seem to think. Especially when your toddler still places his germ infested hand all over the play equipment. Maybe if you followed behind his ever step with a can of Lysol Disinfectant Spray we might have had a chance in hell of not catching your cooties, but really, lets just not have a repeat occurrence. Think about others from now on, will ya?

The Lady Who Kept Shooting You THE LOOK


Dear Makers of Robitussin,

The next time you want to place two packages side by side, with similar looking faces that both boast the words Pediatric, but are not both pediatric, lets not. You see, in the world of cough syrup pediatric (generally) means under the age of 6 while children (generally) means from the ages 6-12.

You see, I first picked up and studied the smaller box, read it was for ages 2 and up and thought "perfect! Just what I'm looking for."

Then I noticed your second, larger box with the words Long-Acting and Up to 8 Hours of Cough Relief. "Even better!" I think to myself, "Now maybe I'll get a full night sleep tonight and not have to listen to my daughter struggling to breathe between coughs and a stuffy nose."

I bought your larger package. Took it home, opened it up and read the dispensing measurements. UNDER 6 YEARS ASK A DOCTOR!

I see now, as I load the picture for this post, it does indeed say Pediatric and Children at the very bottom. If you are going to list the differences at the bottom, how about we also include it at the top, with the larger, bolder lettering. This way people like me, trying to pick out the perfect cold medicine for her sick child, who is currently hacking up some gross phlegm on the shopping cart handle, can get what she needs and get out of the store before more people and objects become infected.

Back to the drawling board, eh?
Alicia- Slave to the Snotty, Hacking Toddler


  1. Don't you just love when parents bring their sick kids out to play? That irks me too. I hope Kyra feels better soon!

  2. i hope she's feeling better soon!