Thursday, October 25, 2007

Answer Me This

Who can spot the major significance in this picture?

Milk is the correct answer! A week and a half ago Kyra finally had her allergy test to find out what it is about milk that didn't agree with her. Every. single. thing tested negative. (She was stuck with 16 or 20 different things) From dairy to shell fish, from mold to pet dander. Negative across the board.

Kyra has grown out of her dairy allergy, folks!

Now we're on to a whole new world of trying new foods all over again. What we have found is that she still has minor reactions. Where she used to get the runs and severe diaper rash (blisters, bleeding, screaming) she now only gets a minor redness. This could be a sign that her allergy is gone, but what we're left with might be a sensitivity to dairy.

We'll have another appointment on Halloween to get the final overall judgement.

Progress is great.


  1. Holy crap! Is that regular milk?

  2. Yep, looks like Milk.


    I miss her face!!! And the way she says No!!

  4. Boy, I would have been waaay off if I had guessed before reading everyone else's responses.

  5. Waiting to see why she has


  6. YAY for Kyra!! Just wait until all she wants to eat is ice cream!

  7. YAY that is a sibling of a child who had bad allegries i know excatly how you feel.