Sunday, October 28, 2007


Do you think God would understand that we skipped church today because Kyra is still stuffy nosed and coughing? What about if after we skipped church we then attended the circus, think the Big Man Upstairs would be okay with that?

I mean, I have a really good excuse....

You see, we know the people at church and if we infested them or their children with Kyra's cooties then the next week they may feel the need to seek us out and thank us for being inconsiderate jerks.

Now we wouldn't want that to happen, would we?

The people at the circus, however, we'll never see them again. Who's to know that we are the reason why their children are now snot nosed and sneezing? Certainly they can't pinpoint that on our kid hacking on them in the middle of the clown performance, right? Besides all that, we had nonrefundable tickets for the last day of the circus. Who in their right mind would miss out on that?

We're justified with this whole skipping church and going to the circus thing, don't you think?


  1. Totally justified. Did you get "the look" while Kyra was busy hacking on someone's kid? =)

    Pics please!

  2. lol ... and this right after the post about the child hacking up a lung and getting Kyra sick ... too funny.

  3. How often does the circus come to town? And how often is church service held? I think he would understand.

  4. Are you really nervous about this or are you just posting? If you're just posting, very funny. If you're really nervous, then consider this: the righteous are justified by faith, not by sitting in church. Protecting other people's children from an infectious virus is a perfectly good reason for skipping church. Going to the circus and making a memory is a perfectly acceptable reason for skipping church. It hasn't altered the importance of God in your life. Infecting all those kids at the circus? You might want to think about that for a while. :)