Thursday, November 01, 2007

All Hallows Eve- The Picture Recap

It's a Pirates Life for Kyra this Halloween!
Where she ventured out begging complete strangers for candy.

Most of the time, she recited to the ground in a barley audible voice Trick or Treat and then hung back waiting patiently for her turn. A few houses were even skipped because the candy holders were dressed with masks and face paint... two things that petrify Kyra.

She came home with her loot, quickly showing me what wonderful treats she had, then stuck a tootsie pop in her mouth and continued to bounce off the walls for the next hour before bed time.

All in all, I think even after all the scary masks, the night of free candy was a complete success.


  1. The smile at the end says it all. I think she's hooked.

  2. That's the cutest pirate that I've ever seen.

    I was an official candy-hander-outer last night, and I noticed that it was mostly the younger children who, like Kyra, patiently waited for their turn to go up to the candy bowl, followed by a "Thank You". And even after we told them they could walk across the grass, they politely walked down the sidewalk and driveway to the road.

    Manners were nowhere to be seen when the older crowds started showing up. Some of them didn't even bother to dress up!

  3. Pirate was the costume of choice around these parts this Halloween. I can't even tell you how many we saw, but I have to say that yours was by far the cutest of them all!!

  4. looks like she had a great time!

  5. She is just so cute. and I will add that she was the cutest girl pirate only because my little nephew was a pirate and he was cute too. I was really hoping for the lion costume, but i think this one turned out great!

  6. She looks adorable! LOVE the costume.


  7. Sorry Mrs. Devoe! Kyra's had a huge growth spur and didn't fit into the costume anymore!