Saturday, October 06, 2007

Mo-tel Slumming

Jeremy, Kyra and I are leaving on a 3 day researching expedition down below the Mason Dixon Line tomorrow. We normally take the Babies with us where ever we go. The few times we've had to board them we've put them up in a Puppy Resort and Spa kinda place.

It's our way of telling them "We're sorry we have to leave you behind. We feel guilty so we're trying to spoil you rotten and maybe you won't hate us when we return."

Believe me, we pay dearly for it.

This trip is one of those where we have to leave them behind. No problem, I think, they dig the Resort Away From Home.

Except, well, the resort is booked. Turns out this is a holiday weekend. I might have know that had the boat not been on a 30 day stand down and the hubby only has to work a 24 hour day every 4 days.

I call every doggy resort and spa in the area, they're all full. I finally break down and call the kennel down the road from us who offers a military discount. The Babies are booked for a 4 day stay with a bath and nail trim while they are there.

This place, no joke, cost us $20 less per day.

Granted, there isn't any kind of heated floor. There's no indoor/outdoor bedrooms, no pool to splash around in, and no Eukanuba dog food to spoil them with. Instead it's indoor, cold floors to sleep on, smaller outdoor runs and Purina Dog Chow for meals.

Our Babies have moved from the Hotel to the Motel.

The poor things will be slumming it for a few days. I hope they won't have any residual feelings towards us when we pick them up Wednesday morning.

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  1. so this one made me feel bad!!! SORRY!!!! if i had a house, i wouldn't mind!!!! :(


    well i'm excited to see you!

  2. below the Mason Dixon aaaahhh, Does that mean you will be traveling through Maryland? If so we live 15 mins or so from 95 and 20 mins from D.C. I fully expect you to stop here and at least let me fill your bellies. Anyhow Happy travels, oh and the Lion is my fav.