Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hey, It's Progress

What would you do if your child climbed in your bed naked at 1:30 in the morning? If you were me you'd pick said child up and put them back into their own bed.

Oh, wait... First of all, why is the child naked?

Upon picking Kyra up to put her back in bed, not only did I find she was naked be she also smelled like poo.

Apparently she managed to wake up, undress herself, climb on the potty and do her business all by her little self. She even wiped, as was the evidence of a toilet so full of paper it couldn't flush.

The downside? She didn't wipe all that well.

She smelled like poo in my bed because it was scraped from her bottom to her back as she slid off the potty. There was poo in my bed, on my clothes, on Kyra, and on the potty.

I made sure to stress to Kyra that the next time she had to go potty to wake Mommy or Daddy so we may help her.

She woke me up at 7:30 to pee-pee in the potty.

Waking up to go potty is a first. Waking up to go potty twice in one night is progress.


  1. at least she's trying. Rachel sits on the potty and states "too hard mommy" about 5 seconds in and i have to talk her into sitting for a few minutes. so far, nothing this week. any pointers?

  2. Note to self: As a precaution, wait until after you have finished your lunch before reading one of Alicia's posts.

  3. Oh boy. Wow. When people talk about idyllic childhoods, I think they forget about all the substances that can come out of kids.

  4. Hey, Declan is still in pullups at night and he's FIVE. I'd take a night visit smelling like poo if he'd actually wait from the dead to go any day.

  5. is this what i get to look foward too!???

    And didn't we talk about the whole poo thing!?? hah ... thats kind of weird!!!

    miss you! had so much fun while you were here ...

    love yas!

  6. oh dear, that is pretty bad. But, atleast she's waking up! She seems to be doing great with potty training. I hope Aeralyn does too.