Friday, October 05, 2007

Let the Voting Begin

It's your turn to help pick Kyra's Halloween costume this year. Jer and I were originally split between making Kyra either Little Red Riding Hood or Dorthy from Wizard of Oz. Mainly so one of our Mutts could either be the Big Bad Wolf or Toto on steroids.

Dorthy was quickly ruled out, as one of our friends jumped on the costume for they're own little cutie pie and, well, I'm just not that big into who's kid is the cuter Dorthy so we turned instead to finding Little Red Riding Hood.

Apparently Miss Hood is much, much more popular in the stripper format then it's original innocent form.

Again, we changed gears when we stumbled upon this pirate costume. Super cute, eh?

A day after we bought her pirate outfit, a toddler sized Little Red Riding Hood was found at our local Wal-Mart. So it was bought too.

Then, as I talked to my mother last night and she reminded me about the lion costume she bought for Kyra- 2 years ago. I tried this particular costume on her roughly two months ago when I was sorting through a box of 2t clothes. At that time, it swallowed her. Today when I pulled it out to show Jeremy, it fits. (apparently I have been blaming the tapeworm in her stomach for the reason she's eating us out of house and home, instead I think it was a growth spurt)
Here lies our problem. Which costume do we pick? We have three cute costumes and are hopelessly deadlocked as to which costume to use.

You. must. help us. Pick your favorite, include your reasoning and maybe by the time Halloween rolls around one (or two) of the costumes will be returned to get our money back.


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  1. i love love love the little pirates costume!!! haha ... and the lion .. it's soooooo cute!!!!! she looks adorable in all of them ... she's so cute!! good luck! and can't wait to see y'all !!

  2. I love the lion costume. And I love her expression in that picture even more! And the pirate comes in at a close second place.

    What is the average temperature up there for Halloween? The pirate costume might not cover her up enough.

    OK, that's my vote - now I'm off to buy a Little Red Riding Hood costume

  3. The pirate for sure! I love it! Cute, girlie- it screams Kyra.


  4. I LOVE THE LION!!! I could not stop giggling at how cute she is in it. second would be little red riding hood. Hop eyou have fun choosing!!

  5. I think Red Riding Hood fits her best. The Lion looks a little scrunched around the head, and the Pirate outfit seems to be riding up a little. On the other hand, if she goes as the Lion, all you will need is a scarecrow and a tinman.

  6. i like the pirate costume, tho the lion would go with Rachel's dorothy, lol.

  7. OMG i *LOVE* the pirate dress! Pirate! Pirate! Pirate!


  8. not that this is going to help AT ALL.. but I am torn between the lion and the pirate. Both are adorable and I think I would vote for the pirate but in the lion costume she is making the most adorable face... So yeah.. sorry I am not helpful :)

  9. Didn't I vote for this???!!! I know I voted for pirate, what happened to my comment?! The internet must have ate it. Sorry! PIRATE!!