Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Got Pics?

Because I finally downloaded some new pictures off my camera, I thought I'd just go ahead and write post #3 for the day.
Last Wednesday we paid a visit to the local aquarium with some friends. Since we arrived first, Kyra found herself a safe place to wait. Notice the doll she arrived with?
Notice the doll we left with. It was a birthday present. At least she doesn't play favorites. All her babies are abused in separate but equal fashions.
Thursday we had her 2 year check up. Twenty minutes before we had to be there Kyra decided to put hand soap in her hair. I guess she got it dirty overnight while sleeping.
Friday a girl friend of mine brought over two huge bags of tomatoes. They're now Kyra's favorite snack.
This is Kyra as of this morning. See the hip cocked out to the side? She struck the same pose in the above picture. I think its her trademark.
Remember when I told you she flirts with the lawn people? Here's proof. This afternoon she ran from the front door to the back, smiling and waving the whole time. I think the men are starting to look forward to mowing our lawn. They all smile and wave back. I'm certain she's the highlight of their day.
Now it's quite late and I really must head off to bed. No more posts for a while.
12 hours at the very least.


  1. She is seriously adorable.. LM also has a fascination with the lawn people though I am hoping it has more to do with his innate sense of "man chores" then a crush :)

  2. SHE is soooooo cute! Thats all ...

    Linsy :)

  3. OMG that ext to last picture of her is my FAVORITE!! She is so adorable! I would love a copy of that one for my fridge.