Thursday, August 16, 2007

To Swim Or Not To Swim. That Is the Question.

Today was our last day of swim class for this session. Kyra has the option of passing from Parent/Child to Level 1, if I think she's mature enough to handle it. The swim instructor's only concern is that Kyra's not all the excited to be without her mommy and in the Level classes, no parents allowed pool side.

The pro's:
-Kyra gets a great boost in this whole swimming process, which I'm all about. The earlier she learns to swim the better. That's one less thing I have to worry over when she's around the water.
-We've had this same swim instructor since Kyra was 7 months old. I've grown to trust her when she takes my child from my hands to teach her a new skill.
-I don't have to hop into that freezing cold "heated" pool.

The con's:
-I have to leave my little baby's life in someone else's hands and I'm not allowed to supervise.
-I don't get to be the first person to see her learn a new skill. It won't be me to cheer her on the first time she learns to doggie paddle to keep her head above water.
-Kyra's still screaming bloody murder when I leave her with anyone other then my good friend. (Hi, Joelle! Hurry up and come home!)

So what do you guys think? Should I move her up the next go around or keep her in the parent/child class? Am I being the big baby when hesitating to move her up or am I justified by her hysterical screaming fits every time I leave the room?

Now, your turn... tell me your opinions. Go!


  1. Is it a free class?
    I say let her go...if it's not working out, then you can always pull her out of the class and try again when you and Kyra are ready.

  2. Not sure why my Gmail name (lindsmixon) showed up on that last comment instead of "Lindsey"...oh well.

  3. This is a hard one. I'm also having this problem with Aeralyn. Anytime I go to the gym, I can only get in a 20 minute workout at the most before the daycare instructor is running to get me because Aeralyn is beyond hysterical. If I were in your situation, I would atleast give it a try. It's not like you won't be just a few feet away in another part of the gym, right? They can always come and get you if they need you. And if it's too traumatizing the first time around (for you or her), all you have to do is not take her back the next time.
    As far as her safety goes, I'm sure you have nothing to worry about there. The instructors job depends on keeping those children safe. And I know I personally would be the most careful with other people's children.
    Good luck!

  4. I agree with Heather. Safety is not a problem here, and you should at least try it. Most kids scream when they first learn to be separate from Mommy. It's like leaving a kid with a babysitter. If you never leave, she'll never learn that you're going to come back.

  5. eventually, she's going to be learning things without you there, so maybe it's time to start that letting go process. yes, it will be scary and hard, but i'm sure you'll both adjust. ... and i'll be home before you know it. i can't believe how fast the summer here went. love ya!

  6. I don't agree that this is about "letting go" but more of actual concern for how well she'd do if she's throwing a fit at pool side? I would speculate that would cause her float to be a tad off. I think you should try it. I would assume they don't like parents to be there because IF Miss Kyra can see you her "fits" would probably last longer until Mama comes to save her. Give it a try...Whatcha got to lose? I do agree with the others that safety isn't really an issue, ya know!

    Hey, BTW..Notice how my blonde booty finally figured out how to type responses!