Wednesday, August 08, 2007

And We're Back to My Drug of Choice

Kyra has acquired 3 new pairs of shoes today. Yes, yes, I hear you... doesn't she have more then enough shoes already? The answer was yes. I was all done buying her shoes for a while. She had all that she needed to get her through the summer and early fall, when I expected her feet to grow again. You see, she was in size 5 for 7 months and I expected the 6's to last closer to 6 months, not 4.

Last night, an acquaintance of mine commented to Kyra that her shoes were pretty... then looked at me and said they look like they're getting a bit small. I shrugged it off. No, no, I say. She just has on thick socks and they're bunching is all. To which, yes, she did have on thick socks and yes, they were bunched since in a rush to get out of the house I just shoved her foot in the shoe.

None the less, I took her today to get her feet sized... she's a 6 1/2. Her shoes are a 6. What other excuse do I have then to buy her some more shoes?

She had one pair, the Mary Jane's I was so proud of finding at a great price. So today we found 1 pair of tennis shoes, 1 black dress shoe and 1 white dress shoe (can't find a link to these). Really, it's all she needs for the upcoming fall and winter (granted they even last that long). Not like it's summer and not only does she need all those shoes plus sandals and flip flops.

For those of you keeping count, Kyra's starting over with 4 pair of shoes. So far.

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