Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Incase You Were Wondering

Kyra's shoe count is up to 9.

I couldn't help but buy the cutest little khaki Mary Jane looking Stride Rite shoes the other day. They were size 7's (Kyra's next size) and they were $15 at Ross. Regular sale price, $48. Really, how could I possibly pass up a price like that?

The next pair she acquired today wasn't my doing, Mom found a pair of white dress shoes in size 8. I didn't buy them, but she did. Not that I was complaining, that's 5 less dollars that I had to spend to buy them.

I wonder if this could turn into an addiction that continues even after the boat returns... What do you guys think?


  1. i didn't know it was just a "boat being gone" thing ... i thought she always has the cutest shoes.

  2. How quickly you must have forgotten, being that you just had your husband home for 3 months, but since the day Kyra has been born Jeremy has been out to sea an average of 75% of her life. That makes for lots of time to drown my sadness in the buying of super cute new shoes.