Friday, June 29, 2007

I Have Issues- With Scales

At the airport going to the land of the CornHusker, my suitcase weighed in at 48 pounds. (yes, I am a girl and thus must pack everything for which I own to travel) The guy at the ticket counter jokingly stated that I had better not come home with too many souvenirs or I'd be over the weight limit of 50 pounds and have to pay an extra fee.

These are the extras odds and ends I came home with: 1 pair of adult size pants, 1 adult size tee shirt, 2 Kyra size pants, 1 Kyra size shirt, 1 Kyra size dress, 1 Kyra jacket, 2 pair of toddler shoes, 2 pair of toddler shorts, 4 random souvenirs. All of this combined, I was afraid I was 5-7 pounds heavier then when I arrived. The father of the friend I stayed with (hi, Joelle!) weighed my bag on some farming scale ( I assume) and said it should be just a couple of pounds over the 50 pound limit, hold my breath when I get there to see what they say.

The airline weighs my bag at 63 pounds! Do the math, that's 15 pounds heavier then what I left with.

While waiting for me to pay my extra fee, Joelle and her husband graciously put Kyra up on the scale next to the one that is telling me my bag is over weight and Kyra comes in with a whopping 26 pounds! That's 3 pounds heavier then when I weighed her in April and 5 pounds heavier then March's 18 month "you need to fatten your kid up" well baby check.

I was all- "Yea! Kyra is successfully gaining weight and might catch up to the 'average' before we know it! Boo, my bag has become a fat ass in the last two weeks!"

Anyway, so I took Bishop to the vet today because he's been gimping around the house for the last 2 weeks and hasn't gotten any better. Turns out he has a sprained knee, which should have healed by now, but also we've found out with the x-ray that he Hip Dysplasia that is only aggravating the knee injury thus making it take longer to heal.

While busy paying my bill, Kyra is busy watching a cute little puppy being weighed on the scale. As soon as the scale is empty Kyra hops on just for the sake of mimicking. According to this scale, Kyra weighs 24.2 pounds, not nearly the 26 from the airport.

So who do I believe, the airport who is solely out for my money and said my bag gained 15 pounds in two weeks and my daughter has gained 3 pounds in 2 months or the vet's office who has to prescribe medicine based on an accurate weight and say Kyra has gained 1 pound in 2 months?

Clearly I like the thought that Kyra has gained 5 pounds in 3 months, which is completely out of the norm for her, but she has grown taller and finally put some healthy fat on her bones. However, before we weighed her at the airport I was guessing her weight to be closer to 24 pounds and my motherly gut instinct tells me that is probably the correct weight.

Either way, Kyra has gained weight and that is a great thing with our Project Fat. She still isn't the average weight for a 21 month old, which is closer to 30 pounds, but she's getting there.

The thing that really irks me is... how in the world did my luggage gain 15 pounds with bit of extra clothes and souvenirs added? Seriously, 15 pounds! I'm sure glad I didn't step on the airport luggage scale, it probably would have malfunctioned under my weight and I'd have to pay an extra fee for that one too!

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