Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Miss Me Yet?

This summer has been just terrible with keeping up this blog. Between traveling across the world and living in the land of Dial-Up, I just don't know what to do with myself sometimes.

As it is, Friday I returned from a trip to Glasgow, Scotland to see my most wonderful husband. They had a 5 day port call, so I wrangled up a wad of cash and said "Fly me to that airport there... the one where terrorists are trying to blow it up. With all the added security it should be extra safe to fly in and out of now shouldn't it?"

Long story short, food over there sucks (although maybe that's just my inner southern bell side that must have seasoning on everything), the castles didn't meet up with my expected standards set up by Hollywood films, and there is nothing to do in the town of Glasgow even though it's the "largest city in Scotland." I mean, sure there is lots of shopping to be had, if you like the Gap and those kinds of stores. Really though, I could have saved a plane ride and shopped here in the States. The highlights were the amazing, breath taking, beautiful country side. There is no greener grass I've seen anywhere else then that of Scotland's Highlands.

If ever I get to travel again, and for anyone looking for my opinion, I'd spend a week over there hopping from bed and breakfast in one quaint town to bed and breakfast in another quaint town. Just hop around the country, search out the old distilleries, see the castles (impressive or not), and have a taste of their bland food (or head out to Mc D's, Burger King or Pizza Hut as those seem to be in abundance).

In other news, Sunday I will begin my long trip back to New England with two dogs, one bird (as bird #2 has passed away a few days ago) and toddler. Anyone on the I-95 corridor want to invite me in for a night? It'll save me hotel bills!

With that, this is also a warning for those of you who check with me often (only to be disappointed this summer) that I will be vacant again from this Sunday until August 1st, as that is when my telephone, cable and internet all get turned back on.

Until I sign off completely, I have a question for those of you who like to offer advice... Kyra and I will be taking on Round 2 of potty training. I know she's ready for it this time because she now asks to use the potty on a regular basis and has become uncomfortable sitting in a wet diaper for too long. Now, for your advice... how long after I start training her do I also start training her to go at night too? Does this come naturally for them or is it one of those "every child is different" things?

Oh, and if you don't mind, hop on over to Jennifer's site and congratulate her on her 1st pregnancy! Don't scare her with any horror stories, as she is already constantly exhausted and dealing with a case of morning sickness.


  1. sorry to hear about your bird. any idea what happened to him/her? oh, and i've been curious how Kyra did without you for a week ... obviously she survived, but was it harder on her or on you? lol. take care, drive safe, don't hesitate to use that cell phone (we have PLENTY of extra minutes!)!!

  2. I remember that about England. We'd be walking down the middle of a quaint little town -- stone church on one end, stone manor house on the other -- and right if front of us would be a KFC. Cornmarket street in Oxford had the biggest GAP I have ever seen. But they have their own stores too. One that always got a double take was the French Connection United Kingdom. They only post their initials on the sign -- FCUK. Hoo boy!

  3. Wow, I haven't checked in here in so long because I knew you were busy and hadn't been updating. You should have called me! My house is always open for you to come and stay. I wish I would have read this sooner!!!