Friday, July 27, 2007


Kyra and I are back from our 3 month vacation and, really, I couldn't wait until August 1st for everything to get turned back on, so I called the phone and cable/internet people and sped up the process a bit.

The biggest thing Kyra picked up from our stay in at Granma's 10 acres of woods in the Sunshine State is that she gets absolutely excited to see a spider. Ihee-bihee is what Kyra calls spiders... "the itsy bitsy spider...." and she is fascinated with them. She sees a spider web she points insistently "ihee-bihee!" If she actually sees the spider, it's "ihee-bihee (insert hand motion for spider walking "up the spout"), down (insert hand motion for "down came the rain"). After that part of the song is complete she commences to "Hi, ihee-bihee!" waving at them and venturing off into some baby babble communication she has with them.

Me? I'm creeped out by spiders and will kill them on site if they decide to venture into my house. Kyra? Kyra sings them their own song, politely waves and holds conversations with them.


  1. glad to hear you made it home. that's adorable that Kyra likes spiders ... with Rachel, it's a fascination with beetles. she'll crouch and point and follow them across the floor/sidewalk/etc. what is it with kids and bugs? lol

  2. Eeek, I hate spiders too. I think I have a black widow infestation at my house. I thought I hated all spiders, now I would love it if it were just a "regular spider" problem that I have. Black widows creep me out!

  3. That is so funny! I don't care for spiders either, but I'm not as bad as Aaron is. He screams like a girl at the sight of one! =)