Thursday, August 09, 2007

Just Over A Week and I'd Call Her Trained- For the Most Part

Just to rub it in that my child is spectacular, Kyra went yet another all day in panties today. Well, most of the day, nap time and bed times don't count.

While she did have 2 accidents, both were my fault.

The first was this morning after our swim class. I didn't bother to send her to the potty before we left thinking she had probably pee'd in the pool anyway. Guess not. Once we stopped at the door of our vehicle she said "Pee pee, Mommy" then let loose. Next time I'll know better.

The second time was tonight. I decided it would be nice to take an hour long walk with her in panties. She made it 45 minutes.

Potty training has been no more difficult then anything else she's had to learn how to do (going from bottle to sippy, from sippy to cup, fingers to fork). I'm going around getting gape mouthed looks from most people upon finding out that she's already in panties and not soiling them.

How is it I've been blessed with such and easy child? Sure, she has her moments, but what child doesn't. Kyra, however, is one of the easiest children--ever.

**and to my mother who told me while pregnant and emotional that she hoped I'd have a child twice as horrible as I was growing up... Damn, woman, I must have been a cake walk!


  1. i think when we get back there, i'll just drop Rachel off at your house while we unpack our's and you can get her trained just as quick, lol!

  2. Sure, you just have to do the prep work for me. Start putting Rachel on the potty before and after: meals, nap time, bath time and bed time. Once she can do her business on cue, then it's my turn. Besides that, Kyra could use a playmate for a good week strait! I may even let you and Sean visit!