Monday, July 30, 2007

God Bless Home

I am amazed, absolutely shocked that it has been this easy to come home and get back in routine.

I know I mentioned to you that Kyra was an absolute nightmare while staying in the Bible Belt. Our days were spent being cranky and short with each other, bed time and nights were long and usually left both of us in tears.

I also know how I mentioned that Kyra did much, much better while we stayed in the Sunshine State, but life still was not as easy and normal as what we had in New England.

With all of our travels (the Bible Belt, the Sunshine State, Land of the CornHusker) I know Kyra was feeling uneasy and desperately showing her despair by (for lack of a better phrase) showing her butt. But her eyes, oh, her eyes when we pulled into the drive way lit up like a beam of light, she knew where we were.

Now that we're home, life has returned to normal. It took only a day and a half. That's it. I didn't hesitate to throw Kyra and myself back into routine. Sleeping in her own bed for nap and bed times, going down at 12:30 and 7 with little fuss. After only 4 days at home my precious little girl is happy, smiling, and angelic again.

Best of all... we are both happy. We are sleeping though the nights again, in our own beds and sleeping well. Our mornings are smooth, afternoons are easy and evenings are full of laughter.

It is nice to visit but its always good to go home.

Now, if only the Navy will bring the boat home three months early and we can have our little family unit together again, that would be spectacular!


  1. Welcome home! Glad to hear that things are drastically better. My little man was the exact same way when we came home. I hope your next three months fly by :)

  2. I'm glad you made it home and things are back to "normal". Well, I guess as normal as can be considering Jeremy isn't home yet. Now I get to come back to reading my favorite blog!