Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Why Birds Don't Belong on the Beach

Miss me yet? It's hard to post on a regular basis when you're on vacation in a part of the country you've never set foot in before and everything is completely different from what I'm used to seeing. I'm soaking in the life of farmers, and I don't know how much wider my eyes can get when trying to see every detail with out missing something.

Wonder where I'm at yet? I'll give you a hint... the state is all about the Corn Husker. There, that's all you get. Know where I'm at yet?

Oh, ya, about those birds on the beach. I took Kyra to the beach for the first time just over a week ago. As we milled around on the beach, Kyra eating a box of raisins, I try to catch a tan, and the sea gulls looking for an easy bite to eat.

Kyra spots the birds, "Mama, B! B! See?" She's all excited, running up to them hoping one will let her pet them. The birds fly away every time. Kyra, unfazed, comes back over to me and our plot of sand and sits down to eat her raisins.

As she notices a black spot in the sand several feet away she gets up to go get what she is sure to be a raisin she's dropped while chasing after the elusive sea gulls. She didn't get but a foot from the raisin before a sea gull swooped in to snatch it up before she can get to it. Kyra. Is. Mad.

"No! Go!"
"Kyra, baby, leave them be. The raisins are yucky when they fall down."

After that, the sea gulls were after her box. IN. HER. HAND. Okay, so it's not like they were swooping in for the kill or anything, but every time she shouted "Go!" she pointed with the same hand her raisins were in. With every shout a few more fell out, a few more got eaten by the "B".

Even after all the raisins had been eaten Kyra still chased the birds around the beach, only this time instead of wanting to pet them, she was telling the flocks to "Go! Go!"

Your answer to the question "Why birds don't belong on the beach" is simple. Birds don't belong on the beach when all they're going to do is eat children's fallen raisins and not let little children pet them.


  1. Nebraska, right? What are you doing in Nebraska? Besides staring at the fields, I mean.

    As to the bird incident, it's plain that Kyra has her mother's spirit. Most children would be terrified if they were continually bombarded by seagulls. (Gulls are not small birds, after all.) What does Kyra do? She chases them away. You "go," girl.

  2. Beaches? Seagulls...?? IN NEBRASKA???!!! I must have missed a key detail in there somewhere...

    Anyway... you tell 'em Kyra! Eating your raisens, indeed. (grinning like and idiot here -- thanks for the smile.)


  3. Poor Kyra! I'm sure that was a fun experience LOL! I think you need to come back here and go to our beach instead. I hear the birds let you pet them and even take them home with you if you want...