Saturday, June 02, 2007

Results Are In

1) side side = outside
2) dog dog = hot dog
3) isy, dowwn = Itsy Bitsy Spider, Down Came the Rain (the whole "went up the waterspout" doesn't exist as far as Kyra is concerned
4) fly fly = butterfly
5) b-na = banana
6) B = bird
7) eh-zen = raisin
8) jew-ju = juice
9) gi-gee = Gypsy, could also be confused with GeeGee who is her great grandmother (who we're currently spending the summer with) and is the owner of Gypsy.
10) me-na = Amiga, GeeGee's other dog
11) too-ah = two
12) booh = book
13) ba-pull = apple
14) dee-ah = deer
15) I-key = ice cream
16)belbow = elbow

With a score of 8 points, Heather is our winner! Coming in second with 5 points is Erica and a very close second is 4 points from Jennifer. Congratulations ladies, you all did a great job!

I know I told you all I'd write this next post of your choosing, for which you've chosen "Why Birds Don't Belong on the Beach" but I have a wedding to prepare for today (as I'm the photographer!), so I ask that you guys to be patient with me and wait for next time.


  1. I would have thought I spoke "toddler" reasonably well, but I scored a miserable 2. sigh... Post again when you can, and in the meantime, enjoy the wedding!


  2. What do I win?!! And how did I miss the part about picking what you post about next? Hope you have a great time at the wedding and get some beautiful pics!

  3. I didn't know there would be so many proper names in the list. She's got quite the vocabulary.

    Taking pictures? Sounds like fun.