Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Kyra Speak

Here is a little quiz to see how many of you can understand Kyra speak. These are actual words and phrases she uses on a daily basis. (note: they may read one way to you and mean something completely different) Ready, put your toddler/baby babble thinking caps on... answers will be revealed next post.

1) side side
2) dog dog
3) isy, dowwn
4) fly fly
5) b-na
6) B
7) eh-zen
8) jew-ju
9) gi-gee
10) me-na
11) too-ah
12) booh
13) ba-pull
14) dee-ah
15) I-key

Now, to keep you all intrigued... you get to pick the topic for my next post (aside from revealing Kyra's words). To choose from you have "Jew-Ju", "No Also Means yes", and "Birds Don't Belong on the Beach".


  1. Ok, here are my guesses...

    1) no idea
    2) puppy dog
    3) incy wincy spider (down came the rain?)
    4) fly.. maybe as a plane or an actual fly insect
    5) banana
    6) no idea
    7) seven?
    8) no idea
    9) no idea
    10) no idea
    11) tooth?
    12) no idea
    13) apple
    14) deer
    15) ikea? (lol)
    16) elbow

    Can't wait to see if I got any right LOL. Also for your next post, I'd like to hear why Birds Don't Belong on the Beach.

  2. Okay, let's see...

    1. Outside
    2. Hot Dog
    3. It's what she says when she is singing Itsy Witsy Spider
    5. Banana
    6. bites?
    7. raisin
    8. juice
    9. grandma
    12. book
    13. bubble
    15. I Kyra
    16. elbow

    give me some time to think on the blank ones...Aeralyn just woke up and needs me to rescue her!

  3. For blog title, I pick "Birds don't belong at the Beach." It sounds like something you could really get going on.

    Let's see:
    1) outside or inside
    2)the babies
    3)it's down there or I dropped it
    4)a helicopter ride
    6)not a clue
    7)again, not a clue
    8)I'm chewing
    9)give it to me?
    10) grandma
    13) apple
    14)see that
    15)(agreeing with Heather)
    16) elbow