Saturday, June 23, 2007

So, I Lied- And Other Updates

You won't be seeing anymore pictures from our trip into CornHusker territory, for now anyway. I still have a really great picture to show you all, but I think it might take another few weeks before I can get to a computer capable of the upload. We are back in the land of dial-up here in the Sunshine State. Kyra and I had such a good time there it took us (or maybe just me because I'm getting old like that) an entire week to recover from all the fun we had.
You all should be so very proud of me, I have been shopping today for clothes at the mall for Jer and myself, and came home with nothing for Kyra! Seriously, that is a HUGE accomplishment for me. It is such a rare thing to happen that, well, I don't know when the last time that did happen. Every time I enter the mall, as far as I can recall, Kyra has come home with some new piece of clothing.
Kyra really is my daughter! (aside from genetically and all...) She absolutely loves fresh fruit, especially the cantaloupe and watermelon variety. Little story for ya: When I was pregnant all I ever wanted to eat was fresh fruit. I ate fruit salads galore, not that it is far from unusual for me to eat tons of fresh fruit, but I mean, I was in hyper mode when it came to devouring any bowl of fruit laid in front of me. Kyra is much the same. I stopped on the side of the road this afternoon to buy another watermelon out of the back of some local grower's pick up (because that's what we do around here) and the rest of the way home Kyra's proclaiming "Wanela? Wanella!"
Some new Kyra words and and phrases for you guys to figure out here...
1) la-ooo
3)I see-ooo
And finally, as I'm trying to get Krya to say "tractor" so I can properly spell it the way she says it, she is screeching at the highest octave possible and then laughing hysterically until I ask her again "Can you say tractor?" Sometimes, I wonder what's wrong with her... and did it come from Jeremy's half of the DNA?

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  1. Well, I'll pass on the first one, and the last one is obviously "I see you." The middle one sounds like an expression of emotion. Simply, she feels like sighing. I babysat for two kids who used something similar as a threat:"I-cwy." As in, "If I'm not allowed to get out of bed and play all night, I will cry, and you won't like it." And I said, "You do that."