Sunday, June 24, 2007

Half Way Home

Some people cope with deployment by going to the bars. Others like to sit at home and mope. I buy shoes.

So far I have aquired 4 new pair for myself, Kyra has picked up 7 new pairs, (hey, she's just had a growth spurt, I had to replace all of her old ones) (oh, and that counts the pair I just bought her of really cute size 10's, even though she's nowhere near that size yet) (shut up, they were on sale and it was the smallest size they had) and Jeremy, unbeknownst to him, has 1 new pair awaiting him.

Three months of deployment down, three more to go.


  1. *7* new pairs?! Lucky Kyra! Maybe she needs a sister... if you don't think 46 is too old, I'm available for adoption. :-)

    Hang in there. He'll be home soon, though I'm sure 3 months must seem like an eternity looking at it from this end of time.


  2. Material therapy. Amen. I don't do it a lot because I'm scared of how the checking account would look when I got done, but it is soothing, isn't it?

    You're doing fine, girl. Keep going.