Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Project Fat- Month 2 & Why I Hate Wal-Mart and Love Target

I have a feeling that when we do make it back to New England and in to see the pediatrician, she will have only good things to say about Krya's weight gain.

Granma and I measured Kyra's height the other day because a dress that fit her three weeks ago is suddenly too short. It's not too short to the point of her little tushy hangs out, but it's getting there. It is short enough for it to look funny. Any way, got off track, so we measured Kyra... she's grown an inch! A whole, friggen, inch since her 18 month appointment 2 months ago. She now measures in at 33 1/2 inches.

Do you ever have one of those weeks where you know your kid (or someone else's kid) is growing literally over night? I think Kyra has been doing that. I read somewhere when she was a new born that babies do grow overnight. I wonder if the term "baby" means infant-baby or under 2- baby? There have defiantly been days in the last few weeks that I've woken up, taken a look at Kyra and wondered if she had grown.

As for her weight, I have no idea what she weighs. She defiantly looks healthier. No more of her ribs are showing, and when Mom came down last weekend she commented about how Kyra's face is filling out. With all this growing up, I am thrilled that she is still putting on the pounds.

The only upsetting thing to me is she's starting to grow out of some of her clothes. Her dress I spoke of was a 24 month dress, from Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart clothes in size 24 months goes up to 33 inches. I hate Wal-Mart. Not that she has a whole ton of clothes from there, but she does have a few, and I bet the couple of shirts I've been noticing her belly poke out of are from there too. Target clothes for 24 month/2T start at 33 inches. I love Target. Not only because she fits into her appropriate size, but because they are still cheap and oh-so-cute.


  1. Kids clothes are "vanity sized" just like womens'... doesn't every mom like to see their kid growing faster than "average"? Take it from one who raised 3 definitely-bigger-than-average kids -- buy big. Size numbers don't really mean anything,and they really DO grow literally overnight and Just Right lasts for too short a time. My "baby" is 16 already and taller than I am. And I am not short! I enjoy reading about Kyra's exploits -- thanks for sharing.

    (Not a weirdo - just Jennifer's mom-in-law)

  2. Yay Kyra!!!

    How did you get her measured? Did you do it or have someone else do it for you? My Kira never stands or lays still long enough for me to get a proper measurement at all. :\

    I had to guestimate she's 34" at 15mths because I truly have no idea. That was roughly the height before she wriggled away. LOL

    Can't wait to hear what your Kyra weighs at her next ped visit! Fingers crossed!!

  3. A trip to grandma's house will always add a few pounds, at least that's how it is in my family.

  4. Judia- Thanks for stopping by! So glad you enjoy reading, I've been lurking around your site myself ever since I found you on Jennifer's.

    Erica- Yes, Kyra stands still for us. I think she's more curious as to what we're doing then anything else. We used a fabric measuring tape to get the job done, she was standing, as laying down was not happening with 4 dogs in the house.

    Lindsey- If only you knew my Granma! I've been doing the cooking since we got here. If not we'd be having sandwiches and other simple meals.

  5. glad to hear she's gaining still! Rachel can't wait to see her. i was taking pics off the wall today and Rachel points and says "Key, Key" ... it's adorable. can't wait to see you both in 2 weeks (2 weeks from today, exactly ... ahhh, i still have to finish packing and move out a week from tomorrow! lol). love ya both!!
    ps. i'm taking Rachel into get measured next week before we leave. i'll let you know the results.