Friday, May 18, 2007

A New Mile Stone

It's official, I have been trying off and on for 8 months and she's finally made it, Kyra can now fit into and wear size 4 diapers without the aide of duct tape to help hold them up.

**Updates for our friend(s) in Australia. I have added the link for a better understanding, as I have no idea how to compare pounds to kilograms. (If there is a new confusion, head on over to the comments section.)


  1. I just stumbled upon your blog. Congrats on the size 4 diapers! My 14 month old is slim slim slim. He'll be lucky if he's in size 14 by 18 months.


  2. lol ... finally in a 4, huh? that's good. also happy for you that she's sleeping so well (tho that post doesn't have a comment link ... hmmm). hope she does as well at my mom's house ina couple weeks. love ya!

  3. I don't know what size 4 diapers are... is there a weight range for that? Kira is into the 13-15kg diaper range atm which are rather large on her still, however they're a FAR cheaper than the 11-13kg range which would fit her perfectly. I don't get it. :\

  4. Amanda- Greetings! Good to see you stumbling by and leaving a comment. Always fun to find new people who stop to say hello! I treked over to your site, can't figure out a way to comment yet... may need more patience and a toddler to stop trying to hit the keyboard and "help" me type!

    Joelle- Problem fixed on previous post. Thanks for pointing it out! And lets not jinks the whole sleeping bit, I'm crossing my fingers and toes that she'll be just as well behaved at your parents house as she is most every where else!

    Erica- Hope the link helps you, but I have no idea what pounds converts into kilograms. All I know is this means she's gained quite a bit of weight since the beginning of March, which is the last time I tried them on her. Even then they were hanging on for dear life and she was leaking out from the legs because they were still too big to make any kind of seal.