Monday, May 21, 2007

Got Advice?

Lets say you have a 20 month old who's favorite question lately is "What's That?" Lets also say that said toddler has some, uh, thunder storms, uh, in her nether regions. After several particularly loud, um, claps of thunder she looks to you with all seriousness, grabs her behind and asks "What's That?"

How would you explain this to said toddler?


  1. Sorry, I have no advice to give, just...

    aaaahahahahahahahahaha! :D

  2. ROFL!!!!

    That's so precious!! Whenever Kira farts, we make a big joke of it (cause actually that's what we do in our household with each other) and saying, "ewww you farted!" scrunching up our faces and laughing at her and she starts giggling up a storm. I don't think it's kicked in yet that she's the one doing it, but I hope she ends up doing what your Kyra does... I can tell you now I would be in STITCHES.

  3. LOL! Not to say that said 20 month old isn't cute, but your story-telling ability totally made the episode. I HOPE you're writing this down somewhere other than here...


  4. You tell her that spiders are barking. My father told us that for years.