Saturday, April 14, 2007

Stupid Comments People Should Keep to Themselves- Parenting Edition

1) You don't never leave that baby alone do you? Let her play in the dirt like she's supposed to. Why you always got to be up on top of her like that? - First of all... F*ck off. It's not your child. You didn't spend your money to buy the nice clothes she wears, and if I want them to stay clean then that is my choice, not Kyra's or yours. Secondly, I don't question your parenting skills, don't question mine. Kyra has her fair share of time to play in the dirt, and when she's wearing something that I'd like to keep decent, that's my prerogative.

2) You don't let her watch TV? Why? Its a good baby sitter. There's education cartoons you she could watch. - I choose not to have the television on when Kyra is awake because it not only distracts her from being a child, it distracts me from being a parent. I would much rather get down in the floor and play with Kyra then have our noses stuck in some stupid show. The day will come when she wont want me to play with her and when that day comes, I'm sure the TV will still be there to keep me company and soothe my tears. As for the "educational cartoons", good for them. Let them babysit another child while mine is busy refining her motor skills.

3) You don't give her any candy? At all? What do you feed her for snacks? - Healthy foods. You know, those ones that don't show up on your hips or in your arteries. Apples, grapes, raisins, bananas. I'd like to know that she has the potential to live to the ripe age of Older Then Dirt then to die young of heart disease because I was irresponsible when preparing her meals. Aside from that, I'd also rather her not be made fun of in school because she has three chins and a waist that easily measures up to Papa's beer belly.


  1. your comments were so good, i had to read them to Sean. what do you mean? clean clothes, no tv, and healthy snacks ... who does that to their child? lol

  2. another reason why I don't have children.....i would not keep my mouth closed if someone asked me these questions or made these statements. but keep up the good job, kyra will be very thankful....i am because my parents did the same thing you are doing.

  3. I just love seeing people who have children and GET IT!! You're doing GOOD THINGS Alicia! Don't take any crap from anyone and stay the course!