Monday, April 16, 2007


Today is day 1 of official potty training, and I've thrown in the towel already. For any of you who feel the need to tell me that I should wait until she's older, I don't want to hear it. For any of you who tell me that your mother had you potty trained by 2 with no problems, I don't want to hear it. If you've got some sound piece of advice that doesn't make me look or sound like a wimp or hurt my ego, I'm all ears.

Here is what I've found in the half day we've spent running back and forth to the bathroom:

1) Kyra is a tinkler, as in she pee's about every 5 minutes. Literally. I'll put her on the toilet, she'll do (what I think) is a pretty good bit of "business", I take her down put her panties on and within 5-10 minutes she's wet another pair of panties. Unless I set her on the toilet for the entire day, I don't think we're going to accomplish much.

2) Kyra's panties don't really fit her. I bought the smallest size I've found anywhere, 18 months, and they still hang down to her knees. Thank God we were all made with a small crook where your legs meet your trunk because that is the only thing saving her drawers from falling down. The whole purpose of "feeling" that she's wet is not being met with her crotch hanging at her knees, thus she's not telling me anything until I see her legs are shiny from another little tinkle.

3) This one, quite obviously, ties in with the fact that her panties don't fit... I've cleaned up the poop trail from our hundred yard dash to the potty twice today and I am thoroughly grossed out. I am not exactly thrilled when I have to change a poopy diaper, but I'd rather do that 10 times over then have to change a poopy kid (because it's fallen from her behind all the way down to her feet), poopy panties, and a poopy floor all in one setting. I've had it. I'm hollering "Uncle!" so the whole world can hear me.

With all this, I think we are going to wait another few months and try again. Maybe she'll gain a few more pounds and she'll fit a bit more snug in the pants. That is, unless I can find some 12 month training pants around here. There is no sense in keeping this up when I'm cleaning up 3 times the mess I was with diapers.


  1. LOL you've had some awesome posts lately.

    My mother had ME potty trained by the time I was 15mths old. Er... my goatling is almost 15mths old and nowhere near it. LOL. Actually we tried a couple of months ago but she wasn't ready; we let her play with her potty and let her sit in it and everything, with clothes on, but then if I strip off her duds and sit her down, she's like... "Mumma, wtf??" :\

    She'll get there when she's ready. And then you get the added benefit when she's 16, of regaling all her buds (and bf?) of just how long it took to potty train her and all the trials she put you thru. LOL ;)

  2. at least she's going in the potty. i put Rachel on it every 20-30 minutes, and she still manages to do it all in her pull-up. oh, well ... what's a few more months?

  3. I know you're against Pull-ups, and I don't blame you at all considering the price and the fact that they are still pretty much diapers. But, maybe you could give them a try for a few weeks just until she gets the hang of it. Keep taking her to the potty every 1/2 hour or so, and then before you know it she will be ready for the big girl panties. And by then, hopefully she will have grown into them. And you'll avoid all the messy clean up in the meantime.
    Or you could just do the same thing but keep her in diapers. It really does soud like she is so close to being ready.
    Good luck!!!