Thursday, February 15, 2007

Who Has Manners?

Kyra is learning her manners. That's right folk, in between the throwing her self on the ground because we're not going to carry her around, and in between the banging her head on the floor, table, or any hard apparatus she can find because we won't carry her around, she has learned to say "thank you". Well, her own version of it anyway. She says ta-tou. When you give her something to eat, "ta-tou." When she gives you a toy, "ta-tou." Its rather cute and a nice change from the temper tantrum she's throwing at this very second. (with all these tantrums lately I hate to see what the "terrible 2's" brings me) She is also starting to mimic some form of "You're welcome" which sounds more like "ga-um."

Bishop has also learned manners. Like when Kyra want to sit on him, he usually stays put. He'll even give her a couple licks for good measure. Gross to you and I, but Kyra seems to enjoy it!

Who has yet to learn any manners is Old Man Winter. Yes, I'm still fighting with him. The aftermath of Agatha (who knew the North named their snow storms?) has left a 3 inch sheet of ice on my back porch. And the salt we threw down on it didn't touch it even a little bit. Any advice from someone who is more winter savvy then I? Seriously, it was quite a feat not to bust my rear while taking the Babies out this morning. I threatened them the entire time I was balancing on the ice to "be easy. Be.Easy."

**Thank you Lindsey for trying to do a snow dance for me. I greatly appreciate the thought. I think you might have taken a wrong step somewhere and instead did the Ice Storm dance. Keep practicing, I'm counting on your help to get me some snow before Kyra and I head down south for the spring and early summer.


  1. Sorry - the Ice Storm dance and the Snow dance are very similar - I must have them confused. I'll try again.

    I'm glad you didn't fall on the ice, I'd hate to be responsible for that.

  2. I don't think that precious little girl could throw a tantrum. I just don't believe it!