Friday, February 16, 2007

Gray's Anatomy, You Suck

You can't kill Meredith, she's a vital part of the show. It would be a horrible mistake if she doesn't come back to life next week.

Way to go Izzy! First you drill into a patient's head while he's slapped between two cars, then you tell George that he made a mistake marring Callie. You have balls Izzy, you have some large balls.

Dr. Burk, seriously, Christina loves you, but you're all kinds of smothering her. Let her have her girl friend to call when she needs someone to help clean up a murder.

The ending was fantastic with Meredith waking up, in what ever after life she was in, with Denny and the bomb squad guy there. I was not expecting that one.

What's this ending preview where you say there will be a devastating ending? What's that all about? I already told you that you can't kill Dr. Gray. Why does next week have to be devistating? This is why, this week, you suck. I need a better hint to what is going to happen.


  1. Last nights episode was crazy!! I think Meredith's mom is going to die, but Meredith is going to live. And Izzy was awesome on that episode! I wasn't expecting that ending either. I'm watching it again tonight!

  2. OK!!!! So glad I am not the only one freaking out. Since it ended last night I have talked to everyone I know about how they can't kill Meredith. I mean how could they! Then it would just be called ANATOMY and well that would be kind of weird :)

    I also thought Izzie was great and I think she and McSteamy are definitely going to get into a little love thing. Oh and you can't forget Addison and Alex. I do love them both now and their scenes together are always awesome.

    The whole Christina/Burke thing is a little boring to me.. But that is just me. It seems like there is always something with them.

    I can't believe we have to wait until next Thursday. I am dying over here. I also can't believe I took up so much room in your comments! Sorry about that one!

  3. Ha Ha! It makes me feel so much better to know someone else is all stired up about this!

    I'm with you on the Christina/Burke thing... either get on with it or get over it. The story line is getting old.

    Good gracious, Thursday night just can't get here fast enough!