Sunday, February 18, 2007

God Said, "Let There Be Light!"

Kyra has this fascination with lights. She will point out lights to you all day long. Put her in her car seat, "Oh, look Mama, there's a light. You see it right? Look. LOOK! A light!" Set her down for any reason at the the dinner table, "Daddy. Its a light! You see it? Light, light!" This all used to be conveyed with insistent pointing, grunting, and baby babble.

Jeremy has now taught her the actual word. So in church this morning, she felt the need to point out every light in the place. Mind you, there are lots of lights. So, instead of listening to Father give his Homily, I was saying, "Yes, Kyra, I see the lights." "Good job, that is a light." "Yep, there's another light." "Ya, light. That's a light."

She has never been so emphatic about a light before. Think it may have had something to do with God and the whole "Let there be light" thing?

1 comment:

  1. LOL! I can just picture her sitting there pointing out the light for an hour or so until you take the time to acknowledge what she's saying! She is too cute!