Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I Feel Cheated

What the Hell? I live in New England, and we have yet to have any measurable amount of snow to go sledding with.

We're in the middle of a HUGE storm right now that tops even the President's first speech of the New Year (oh, boy, aren't we all just thrilled to death) on every news channel's half hour updates. It started snowing last night, sometime after the hubby and I went to bed. (first, did you hear that? The hubby and I? He's home again! secondly, we were in bed shortly before 10, because we're old like that)

How much snow have we gotten so far, since according to the weather man it's been snowing since before midnight? 0.5 inches. That's right folks, Old Man Winter can't seem to hack it over here in my neck of the woods. Sure, upstate New York has nearly 12 feet of snow on the ground. But my house? We've received 3 inches all winter.

0.5 inches. Since midnight! How crappy is that? Oh, and to top it off... sometime after 8:30 this morning it switched over to sleet or freezing rain or some kind of frozen substance that falls out of the sky. But now, now we have rain because we've managed to climb to an incredibly warm 33 degrees outside. Ya, what a pretty day it is to go play in our .5 inches of snow while we get pelted with frozen, or nearly frozen rain. All that lovely slush that's all over the road, it makes for great driving conditions when Jeremy gets to come home from work.

Damn you Old Man Winter! You've cheated me out of this winter.


  1. I'm doing a snow dance for you. I just made it up, so I'm not sure if it will work.

  2. Wow, that stinks! better be careful what you wish for! You might get tons of snow at your front door before you know it.