Monday, February 12, 2007

New Words!

Since Jeremy has left, and that has been about two weeks ago, Kyra has learned a slew of new words, and some of these new words used to be just mimicked, but now she knows what they mean. I have two categories to list, words she knows the meaning of and can say with out prompting, words she knows only for mimicking purposes.

Known Words: Rachel (pronounced Razul), dogie, puppy, baby, ducky, quack quack (pronounced more like a duck who's been smoking all it's life and now has emphysema, really should get this one on tape for you all to see), eye, nose, ear, hair & head (usually sounds the same but she's either patting her head or pulling a strand of hair), arm, hand, button (either for belly button or actual button on my jeans), uh-oh (when something is dropped), stinky (when she's done #2) and butt.

Mimicked Words: Horsey, neigh (horse sound), baa (sheep sound), moo (cow sound), boat, potty, and poo poo.

What she still hasn't managed to grasp is the "how much do you love mommy or daddy" trick. I was hoping she'd have this down by the time Jeremy got back. Oh well, she's still absolutely adorable doing it her own way.

As for my state practical, I think I did good, but I won't get the results back until Wednesday or Thursday.

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  1. She's soooo smart!! (and so utterly adorable but I'm trying to concentrate on her smartness and not getting carried away by those gorgeous eyes and that killer little smile and her hair! oh my god her hair! it looks so soft and silky...and I've gone way off track)