Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Creeping Crud, 2014

Ruby has brought home the first plague of the new year.  I'm not sure why she felt the need to lick a shopping cart or cover someone else's mouth and then insert her finger into her own nose, but she must have thought it necessary because now she's suffering from The Creeping Crud.

 Thanks to a fever, lots of sneezing, exploding snot and hacking coughs, she spent her day whining.  A lot.  Just listen to that scratch cry, she sounds awful.
She insists on sweet cuddles, to which I happily oblige.
She demands food, only to hold onto it.  Actually eating the food highly over rated.

And she spends her naps sleeping on Mommy's chest.
Ruby's lots of things, but a cuddle bug is not one of them.  She's spent more time in my arms and on my lap over the past two days than she has in the last 6 months.  Part of me is relishing in this sweetness.  The other part of me feels guilty for enjoying this side effect to her misery. 
She's pitiful.  There's no way around it. 
My nose is now starting to stuff up, there's a scratching tickle in my throat and as much as I've tried to keep the big girls occupied upstairs for the last two days, both of them are sniffling and sneezing in their beds tonight.  Both humidifiers are running full blast with menthol strips in the girls room.  I'm questioning why I don't have one for my own room.
These next two weeks will probably be some exceptionally fun ones. Which probably means I should stock up on tissue boxes to combat all the snot that's going to fly, and restock the fridge with lots of chicken and veggies to make soups. 
Jewish penicillin, its good stuff.  The Creeping Crud, not so much.

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  1. I pray it passes from your house quickly and doesn't cause any middle-of-the-night, my-children-can't-breathe ER visits!