Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Creeping Crud: The Aftermath

The Creeping Crud, for Ruby took its shape with lots of moaning, groaning and whining while simultaneously laying listlessly on my lap for 16 hours at a time.  Her fever and head congestion were relieved with both medicinal and aquatic approaches. 

Meaning: We drugged her and stuck her in the shower from time to time.

For Lydia, it took shape in head congestion, burning, watery eyes and extremely high fevers.  We combated her issues with the same medicinal and aquatic approaches we took with Ruby, while even throwing in full day movie marathons. 

This approach totally worked for a day and a half, until her fever was all, You can take your Motrin and playtime baths and suck it. 

It was at this point I called a very good friend of mine to see if Jeremy was crazy or maybe it was me.  After all, Lydia was running a 104.4 fever, two hours away from her next scheduled dose of medicine and she lay there, woefully leaking water from her eyes and claiming she thinks they might be on fire.  I was all, Mmmmm..... I think it's time to take her to the ER.  Jer was all.... MMmmm.... I'd rather go to bed, lets wait until the morning.  Thank God for Joelle.  Her tie-braking opinion was to take her to the ER.

One hospital visit later, Lydia is doing fine and well.  She has neither an infection, nor the flu.  Her fever was high enough that Jer said they whisked her off to a room before they even had an ounce of information in the computer.  She was shivering, despite her high temperature, and was starting to break out in a heat rash to add to the fun. 

The new trick we learned this visit is when one medicine isn't working, to alternate Motrin with Tylenol.   Why this is more effective, I don't know.  But you can bet it'll be a trick I won't soon forget. 

As of today, Lydia's on the mend with nothing more than lingering congestion and cough.

Kyra started a low fever yesterday and I feared the worst for her in the coming days.  Turns out that's as bad as it's probably going to get for her.  Thank you, God.

This morning everyone woke up fever free, though all three had noses leaking like a loose pipe.  Kyra's cough is the worst, Lydia's intermediate and Ruby's hardly had a cough all day.

Its funny how one virus can cripple two children, hardly touch one and leave two parents completely unscathed.  All that's left now is the lingering aftermath.  Its not so bad.  Not welcomed, but not so bad.

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  1. whew! glad they're on the upswing and that you didn't have to deal with sick children (and hubby) while being sick yourself ... it's the little things! :-)