Thursday, August 01, 2013

The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling!

And just like that, July disappeared. 



Welcome, August! 

Though, we did have ourselves the TINIEST wedding in the history of the Catholic church.  And as an added bonus, my maid of honor surprised me by calling on a Thursday night, asking if I could pick her up from the airport that Saturday. 

Um.  Oh-Hell-Yes-I-Can!

And she brought with her that lovely and beautiful baby bump that will soon by my THIRD Godson, Theodore!  {Babies just make me squeal with delight, in utero or out!}

Other than that tiny little detail, July was rather.... hot. 

And now we're fully into August.  What better way to begin the month than to find out Jeremy didn't make Chief!  Again! 

There's nothing like watching your husband come home for three consecutive years, bragging and boasting with confidence, over all the qualifications he's accomplished and how many jobs he's doing that are far above his rank and all this ass busting he's doing is only going to help him make Chief. 

And there are these people out there who don't know him, have never met him, and refuse to promote him despite that fact that he's been doing the work of a Chief at two commands over the past three years.

Promotions in the Navy are all about a combination of a numbers game plus an ass kissing contest.  And let me tell you, one thing Jeremy does very poorly in his job skills is right there under the "ass kissing" column.   Which, on one had, I fully applaud him.  You should be promoted because your a fucktastic worker and not how brown your nose is.  On the other hand, seriously?  Can you not kiss ass just a little bit?  Especially if you know it's part of the game?

That's not to say that Jeremy's a total asshole at work.  From what others come back to tell me, both friends and coworkers I meet, he's actually one of the nicest guys there.  And apparently, he knows his shit. 

Anyhow, so now there's serious talk on his end about getting out of the Navy in the very near future, moving to a tiny town, working a tiny job and coming home to his not-so-tiny family.  Every night.  Which is a lovely plan to have.  I am all for his coming home.  Every night. 

While trying to encourage him to THINK BIG and look, not only for this tiny job, but look for bigger jobs as well.  Like, maybe, in Oregon, Montana or, I don't know, EUROPE.  Somewhere where we can find food that isn't mixed with the genes of both an azalea and cheetah that someone is trying to call it an ear of corn, or a sward fish mixed with koala poop and is fondly referred to as a tomato.  But Jeremy got all emotional on me during what I was trying to present as an encouraging pep talk, snapping that if he fails.... no.... IF! HE! FAILS!, ITS HIS FAULT THE CHILDREN ARE GOING TO GO HUNGRY!

Whoa whOA WHOA!  Hold up Chicken Little! 

I'm just asking that you THINK big.  LOOK.  SEE WHAT LIFE HAS TO OFFER.  I'm trying to tell him, you may want the tiny job in the tiny town where your best friend lives.  Or you may find you want the tiny job in the tiny town outside of tornado alley and next to the Canadian boarder.  Or the big job in the big town across the ocean where food regulations are set to much higher standards. 


Sooo...  Yeah. 

Welcome, August!  Good to see you've entered with a bang.  Now, if you'll please tell Chicken Little that the sky isn't falling, that would be fantastic.  M'kay?


  1. Have him call Seth again. He can walk him through the search process. And Seth came home with lots of ideas from the tap class. AND yes, veterans, especially nucs, do have an edge on the general populace when it comes to getting hired. If he wants to stay in nuclear power, he could try universities. They are often in small towns. And Bonneville Dam is a good place to work out here (though that isn't nuclear). I'm not sure that you guys would like Hanford, though the area is big into agriculture.

    1. Jer came home from Taps class one day very excited to get out of the Navy with big dreams and ideas of the future, the next day wanting to stay in the Navy, with big dreams and ideas of retirement. He's still doing the same. But now his idea of staying in the Navy is heavy with a disgruntled shadow.

      I read, last week, in the blog-o-sphere someone speak of a recent vacation in Oregon where they were able to find gluten free food wherever they went, whatever restaurant they choose on a whim. Whether that is entirely true or not, it gives me great pleasures to imagine taking Lydia out for a treat, on a whim, without having to worry quite so much. And he's always talked out moving to Montana and I've always wanted to move to Europe or the UK, soooo..... dreams. At this point, they're all idealistic dreams.

  2. Well, you know full well where my vote stands ... BUT, I truly hope you both make the decision that is best for your family. Hey, if it means a new place to come visit, then so be it! ;-)


  3. Army promotions are seeming to go similarly at our house. :( only three people in his career field this year were picked up and this was his third go at it. And my husband isn't so keen on the ass kissing either. He doesn't even fake it well.