Sunday, June 30, 2013

Brain Dump

My baby took her first steps the day she turned 10 months.  I'm not sure whether to be happy or cry. 


Kyra attended her first sleep away camp last week.  It was, by far, much harder on Lydia and I than anyone else.  I'm not sure I'm ever going to let Kyra go again.  Or any of my children, for that matter. 

Maybe we should be that homeschooling family who locks their children in the closet to learn the dictionary and win all the spelling bee's; socially stunt them so they never leave home; or make sure that whatever college they attend has a dorm big enough for our whole family to move into. 

Jeremy is at a turning point in his career.  He is due to get out of the military in January.  He's also up for Chief for the second time. 

He says, right now, if he makes Chief, he thinks he wants to stay in but if he doesn't make Chief, he thinks he's ready to get out. 

He's been in for 11 years.  Most people, who haven't had his particular job, think its the dumbest idea, EVER, to get out with only 9 years left before retirement.  Most people who have had his job, seem to understand his reasoning to toss in the towel entirely. 

I?  I don't know what to tell him.  The idea that he could have a 9-5 job, come home every day and be with me and the kids is a taste so sweet in my mouth, it's hard to resist.  The idea that we know where we stand with his current career is both comforting and bittersweet.  Both options have pro's, both have con's.  There is no outright sack of potatoes that throws my opinion heavily more for one side or the other. 

Limbo.  Its a scary adventure.


Jeremy and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary in the very near future.  We never had a wedding, for a host of reasons, and were married at the courthouse.  Just he and I.  And the judge and another lady I vaguely remember being called into the room.

It was tiny.  It was simple.  It didn't have the slightest amount of pomp and flash.  It was perfectly Jeremy and I. 

The one thing I always wanted, though, was to be married in the Church and in the eyes of our Lord.  Which brings us to our up coming anniversary. 

We've lined our ducks in a row, asked our parish priest to do the honors, was set for a simple, low key marriage blessing fit for Jeremy and I.... and our beautiful girls as witnesses. 

....But, according to the church, we still need a bridesmaid and groomsman.  Apparently children don't count. 

Our local friends consist of one married couple who are not Catholic and often bash the Catholic faith in a very unkind and judgmental manner, and another couple who does not believe at all. {At least they're not judgmental!}   We have to have at least one practicing Catholic in the mix to make things official. 

If we were to pick anyone in the world, I'd pick Ruby's Godparents, but they are unable to travel, right now.  I know this because I asked, already, back when I was completely unaware of such bridesmaid/groomsman requirements.  I asked this couple because they are our best friends and of all the people in my life, they are the only ones I would care if they could show up, have a mini vacation and see the tiniest marriage in the world become church official. 

Father said we could still use this couple as our bridesmaid and groomsman on paper but use a "proxy" in their space.  But who to proxy?  I don't want someone we know really well who doesn't view our faith with the same honor and respect we do-- after all, this is why we're making it official in the Church.  Neither do we want to have someone stand up for us who we kinda sorta know through church because they just happen to share the same faith. 

I feel like I'm being asked to choose between friends who think our religion is three shades of nutty, or sacrifice the intimacy for someone we only know by name and which service they most frequent. 

I'm almost wanting to cancel the thing entirely over this.  Try again for our 20 year anniversary.  Surely by then I'll be done having babies and all my children can witness, the best friends will {hopefully!} have their house remodel finished and not be 7+ months pregnant. 

Yes.  Year 20 is starting to look better and better...


  1. Sigh.. So am I not included because I am simply to broke to come at the moment, or because I am not Catholic, or because I suck?! Hahah!

    In other words- I wish you loads and loads of another happy 10 years! ;)

    1. No one is included. We like to be equal opportunity offenders. =D

      And thank you! Here's hoping for another beautiful 10 years of being an antisocial homebody with my main squeeze!

  2. I'll be there by Skype if you like. Would I count as half a Catholic?

    1. **I** would call half-a-Catholic perfect... I'm not sure the priest would agree. But wouldn't that be a pretty cool Skype wedding?!

  3. hey lady!
    It's been a while! Sorry no one can be there for your ceremony, We did ours for our ten year anniversary too, it was sweet and simple maybe don't try to wait for an anniversary and make it spontaneous?? Good luck if we were closer I would stand as your nutty catholic friend!!