Friday, June 07, 2013


Today, Ruby let me sleep in past 9AM.  I think she was trying to make up for yesterday's 6AM wake-up call.  The difference, yesterday she took three naps and was happy as a clam the entire day while today she's on par with taking her usual two naps and is happy only when physically attached to my body.  She is currently strapped to my chest in the Beco at this very moment because if I toss her on my back she pulls my hair.  The give and takes...

In this last week I've heard Lydia describe me as angry on two occasions.  Neither one was she talking to me when using this description.  Today, I made it a point to sit down with her and have some good, quality one-on-one time.  We played GuessWho?  Her choice.  Upon laying her down for her nap this afternoon she happily exclaimed how much fun she had playing with me.  I wonder if it was so much I was angry with her this last week or if I just didn't take the time to stop and to see her, sit with her, be with her instead of shooing her away or only half heartedly stopping to listen to her crazy, nonsensical jokes.  She's a kid who only asks for a little and sometimes I forget to stop that little from falling through the cracks without noticing.  The life point she taught me today, it only takes a little bit to have a big effect.

Kyra, in all her glorious 7 1/2 years of life, is desperate for self-sufficient independence.  Her newest wanting in life is to learn to cook.  She's mastered pouring her own bowl of cereal, cutting up her own fruit salad, scrambling eggs and is now moving on to making pancakes.  From scratch.  She's getting pretty darned good, too.  Today, I told her once she can master the accurate measurements (she's still confusing teaspoons {tsp} with tablespoons {tbl}) and the art of flipping a pancake she can start making them unsupervised, too.  This has only enhanced the giddy-up in her step.

My children.  I made it a point to take a picture of each of them today.  They are special.  They are unique.  They are kind.  And today, I'm making note of that; of them.

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  1. I miss you all! Could they quit growing quite so quickly!?!