Monday, June 10, 2013

A Ruby First

Her first bloody nose.  Happened last Wednesday.  I'm not sure how she managed it.
I was washing dishes, shooing her out of the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen for the 50 billionth time.  I picked her up, set her in the middle of the kitchen and put a toy rattle in her hand.  Turning around to get back to the dishes she started crying her cry that says I'm the meanest Mommy in the world.  Suddenly it turns to a hysterical cry.  And then she's climbing the back of my legs, the way she tells me she wants to be picked up as I pay her no mind. I finished the dishes a few minutes later and turned around to retrieve the still screaming Ruby.
So, somehow she managed to... face plant...?... from a sitting position, I'm only assuming here, maybe she had scrambled to all fours.  Who's to say  how it happened, though.  The kid already has her first bloody nose.  At 9 months.  What an overachiever.


  1. at least she gave it to herself so nobody else has to feel guilty about it ... both of my middle children got their first bloody noses due to the same uncle playing rough. :-P

    1. I do feel guilty! I ignored her so I could finish the dishes and the poor babe was hurt. Though, in your words, "at least she gave it to herself." If ever a consolation prize... :)