Monday, May 06, 2013


I've been well informed that it has been WAY too long of a break from writing.  But life has a way of getting the better of me. 

Right now, Ruby is tearing the paper bags out of their designated holder and scattering them about the kitchen... except now she's moved on to help empty the contents of the recycling bag and commence to scattering it around while simultaneously taste testing random samples.

Kyra is riding her bike around, sans training wheels, singing Taylor Swift's We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together at the top of her lungs while Lydia rides the Gator shouting, "Your in HOLLYWOOD!  We're in HOLLYWOOD!"  I think they're pretending they're on The Voice.

Cloth diapers are drying in the sun, draped across my swinging chairs.  I often think I need to get a drying rack of some kind for them to sun on but this works, too. 

Supper tonight is beef stroganoff.... as soon as I get to the store and buy some mushrooms.  I also wanted to make snickerdoodle cookies for dessert but we're out of butter.  Add it to the grocery list. 

Jeremy had duty last night, so I'm anxiously awaiting him to come home to relieve me.  I've never cherished running errands alone so much as I do now that deployment is over.  I know there's still plenty of underways ahead when I won't have back up, again, but they are minute in the face of a deployment. 

Even with an extra set of hands and warm weather that drags the girls outside for hours at a time, I still find I can't keep up with the laundry and bathrooms which seem to be in a constant state of disaster and clutter.  I did three loads of wash yesterday alone and the laundry is still only even with the hamper.  I started to tackle the bathrooms this morning but was disrupted by Ruby waking from her nap.... and then lunch.... and phone chats with far-a-way friends. 

Some nights I'm still a ball of stressed out crazy as I talk nonsense to my husband.  He laughs at my wishes that a giant hole open up and swallow me whole.  He knows how I am and knows when to tell me to take a break.  He is the glue that holds this family together.

Life.  It's moving and shaking.  We're smiling and crying.  Overall, we're living and doing.

Life.  It gets in the way sometimes.  At least this time, its in the way in a GOOD way.


  1. love those last two paragraphs!

  2. Ditto to Joelle.

    Dontcha know some people stalk your blog repetitiously while they're supposed to be working. Or that's what I've heard at least!