Monday, May 13, 2013

First Holy Communion... Times Two.

Kyra's First Holy Communion was an adventure we partook with friends who should be family. 

Jeremy was going to be gone yesterday, the day the class was to take their first communion, so we invited all of our friends to come celebrate the Mass and watch Kyra on her big day this past Wednesday.

Our priest is such a kind and gentle soul.  When I was half joking-half complaining to some friends about how Jeremy would miss yet another big event in her life, Father immediately asked if we wanted to do it earlier.  He wanted Jeremy to be there to witness her first communion just as much as we did and tapped it into his planner on his phone... his way to make it official. **grins**

Kyra's friends.  I was so, so very glad her friends were able to come watch her.  Have I ever told you we have some of the most amazing friends?  Because we do.  My friend Candace came over and spent an hour curling and spraying Kyra's hair.  I never did get a picture of the final product, something I really wish I would have remembered to do.  It was BEAUTIFUL and will probably never be like that again in her young years since curling hair is not a talent I possess.  Maybe when she gets older she'll find a good friend and stylist or learn to make her own hair a work of art.

For her Second Holy Communion, a phrase that just sounds odd, yet, funny in my own mind, my mother came into town for the weekend to watch.  She's the one who bought Kyra's dress and veil, which pleased me greatly since she found it on sale plus had a great coupon to use as well. 

We also managed to get lucky and have Jeremy home this weekend, after all!  His underway that was scheduled to leave Friday was postponed Thursday and they didn't leave until this morning.  If only we could have predicted the future!


Kyra was very giddy, both days.  On Wednesday it was more nerves, I think, while the Sunday was pure excitement to see her fellow classmates all dressed up as they skipped around to each other, swishing and swaying in their dresses. 

Somehow, I have never witnessed a child's first communion ceremony, before.  I'm not sure how I've missed it, especially in the last 6+ years since we've attended church with very few missed Sundays.  Even still, I hope I get to witness many more, and not just my own children's.  The delight in their eyes when it comes time to take the Eucharist.... its magical.  Through their eyes, it's all magical.

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  1. **grinning** Thanks for sharing. I've been wondering how things went. So glad Jeremy got to be there Sunday, after all.