Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Time Line

Kyra at 9AM:  I just listened to my new book with my headphones in bed and IT. WAS. AWESOME!

11AM:  I LOVE fish sandwiches.  They're my favorite.

12:30PM:  ITS MY HALF-BIRTHDAY TODAY!  (directed to a friend taking a walk with us)

2PM:  I want salad for my half-birthday supper, tonight.

5PM:  This is the BEST birthday EVER!

7PM:  My tummy hurts, I think I ate too much.

7:30PM:  [puking sounds]

8PM: [puking sounds]

8:15:  Mommy, my tummy feels so yucky!

8:30: [puking sounds]  I see my brownie, right there.

8:50: [puking sounds]  I want to sleep on the floor in the bathroom.

9PM: [puking sounds]  I'm sorry I made a mess, I couldn't sit up in time.

Folks... this has continued on until now, 11:59.  The poor child continues to vomit with such sudden force she can't pick her own head up in time to aim.  Her head is laying on a pillow in front of the toilet.  I've changed the pallet she lays on and the pillow case.  I've wiped up the floor, the toilet, her hands, face and hair.  I've poured her minute amounts of Pepsi and force her to take sips as she gags and complains how bad it tastes. 

Lydia was sick over the weekend, but not anywhere near this violent and only four times.  I'm praying Ruby doesn't catch whatever creeping crud this is and hoping I don't fall ill, either.

Say a little prayer for our household, won't you?  And send a Pedialyte carrying fairy.  That would be nice.


  1. aww, hope it doesn't last. Hugs for both of you!

    1. Meee, too. I've had my share of vomit for the next few years with this episode.

  2. On the brightside, it wasn't the corn! :)